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Peter Jackson - A Retrospective

Peter Jackson - A Retrospective
March 30 - April 27 2019

 This is the first major retrospective of the paintings and sculptures of the late British artist, Peter Jackson (1930 – 2019).

Jackson was one of the last survivors from that generation of artists that studied at Corsham Court Art College in the 1950s and was taught by a celebrated roll call of Artist Tutors including Peter Lanyon, William Scott, Adrian Heath, Howard Hodgkin and Terry Frost. Their influences remained (as did their friendship) but Jackson always forged his own path.

This exhibition aims to show the variety and diversity of this important artist with pieces representing the last 60 years of his work on canvas, paper and in sculpture.

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Kurt Jackson - Crab and Lobster

Kurt Jackson - Crab and Lobster.
March 30 - April 27; May 22 - August 17 2019.

In the latest of his series of projects focusing on the richness and diversity of the natural world, environmental visual artist Kurt Jackson has chosen to look at crustaceans –particularly crabs and lobsters– an enormously varied group of jointed shelled animals found along our seashores.

In looking at an apparently mundane group of animals Jackson again aims to celebrate their uniqueness; only by acknowledging and appreciating the ordinary as well as the extraordinary can we then realistically respect and conserve this biodiverse world.


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