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Leggo Boys

Kurt Jackson
Mermaids' Tears
March 19 - August 13 2022.

Mermaids’ Tears charts Kurt Jackson’s campaigning work to address the blight of plastic in the ocean, and draws attention to the resin pellets or nurdles from plastic manufacturing (colloquially known as mermaids’ tears) that pollute the environment.

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Kurt Jackson
Clay Country
March 19 - August 13 2022.

For this project, Jackson worked in situ at Littlejohn’s china clay works, observing the workers in the pit as they extracted and transported the china clay in an extraordinary manmade landscape. The dramatic (and sometimes extreme) variations in the weather inspired a diverse range of drawings and paintings, perched on the edge of the pit or down in the depths – including the clay and stone itself in the mix.

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Sally Baldwin
Fragile Earth
March 19 - August 13 2022.

Fragile Earth by Sally Baldwin is a body of work evoking natural forms such as trees, pods, flowers, insects, sea life and water. The materials used - recycled and handmade paper, silk waste and gauzy cotton scrim - are ghostly, white and ephemeral, suggesting delicate, fragile, vulnerable and finely balanced landscapes.

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