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Kurt Jackson: Wheat From Plough to Plate

Kurt Jackson
Wheat From plough to plate

March 19 - August 14 2021

For many years the building that houses the Jackson Foundation was part of Warrens Bakery. It was here that their lorries were serviced, repaired and maintained.

In this exhibition, Kurt Jackson traces the journey of a staple crop - wheat - from ‘field to fork’ in media spanning paint, sculpture, poetry and film.

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Robin Hanbury-Tenison: Echoes of a Vanished World.jpg

Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE
Echoes of a Vanished World

March 19 - August 14 2021

An explorer and a founder of Survival International, Robin Hanbury-Tenison is a natural born storyteller, as such, his images speak directly to us in a voice that is fresh and clear. This exhibition is a collection of his photographs from the 1950’s-1970’s.

There is nothing self-conscious or patronising here. Instead, there is a deep admiration, a sense of wonder, respect and desire to share what he sees with a world that has grown increasingly out of touch with the things that really matter.

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Kurt Jackson: The Burn - A Scottish Millstream.jpg

Kurt Jackson
The Burn – A Scottish Millstream

March 19 – August 14 2021

In the spring of 2012, Kurt Jackson followed the Kintyre peninsula to its southern end, arriving at a glinting, rushing burn between banks of celandines and kingcups.

He stayed in an ancient water mill that was in perfect working order, but lay silent, frozen in time; every functional cog and wheel unworked for 50 years. Jackson trailed the stream from its loch high on the moor past the mill and down to that dark coast with pencil line and paintbrush stroke, tracing every curve and meander, overhanging tree and washed rock.

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