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Kurt Jackson Thorn

May 22 – August 17 2019.

Kurt Jackson spent a year studying a single tree as an Artist in Residence for the Woodland Trust.


He returned to the same hawthorn tree growing in a hedge near his home in St Just, Cornwall, responding to how it changed through the seasons.

This solitary tree is the remnant of an ancient hedge, and its form has been shaped by the weather and landscape over the years, contorted by the wind and nibbled by deer.


The body of work created during this period was first shown at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and can now be seen alongside Jackson’s other paintings, printmaking and sculpture engaging with the same subject.

On the edge, the hedge, the last foot of our land, just where the smallest, wildest, most unused field reaches to the open expanses of the unenclosed stretch of heather moor, there is a small stunted hawthorn tree. As far as trees go it’s not the most impressive specimen. It’s low, almost bonsaied in its form; leaning or rather pointing into the east, swept and blown from the west, from the prevailing winds off the Atlantic cliffs; maybe twenty fields away downhill. A crashing wave of branch and stick.

– Kurt Jackson, 2019.


Kurt Jackson: Thorn
May 22 – August 17 2019.
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