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The Cornish Seal

March 16 – August 10 2024

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A normal, almost everyday experience for anyone who spends time on the Cornish coast, seals seem to pop up whenever we look out to sea; are they looking for us?

“I can easily spend a day in the cove painting alone and the only real company I have all day is a curious seal just offshore.

“I decided to spend the last few years dedicating as much time as possible watching, studying and trying to understand them – their form and movement, their haunts and habits and in turn create a body of work inspired by them.”

– Kurt Jackson

Alongside Kurt Jackson’s The Cornish Seal, we are proud to partner with the Seal Reseach Trust to host A Seal’s Story, an exhibition exploring the life and death stories of the grey seal and the Trust’s efforts to conserve and protect these playful and endearing mammals.

Kurt Jackson: The Cornish Seal –  Solo Exhibition
March 16 – August 10 2024.
Jackson Foundation
North Row, St Just,
Cornwall, TR19 7LB.

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Jackson Foundation
North Row,
St Just,
TR19 7LB.

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