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Kurt Jackson Paints on a Cornish Cliff.

Kurt Jackson
Seacrows: Morvrini

July 4 – August 18.

A new body of work by Kurt Jackson made over the last few years, whilst looking at and watching the population of shags and Cormorants seen along our coast and rivers.


This series of studies of these extraordinary birds includes paintings, drawings and two large new carborundum prints made with master printmaker, Simon Marsh.


A new catalogue documenting the Seacrows works, which includes a piece written by ‘top birder and naturalist’ Mark Cocker, will be published for this exhibition.


“Jackson understands and has illuminated in this wonderful collection how the birds are beautiful and entirely at one with their place in the world. In short, he sees them, as we should, as a kind of living perfection.”

Mark Cocker 2018 – Author and Naturalist 


PZ Angel 

I saw an angel
In front of Lidl’s
Sentinel on the rocks
At the water’s lacy edge
Back lit
Lit from behind
By the lights of Lyonesse
Silhouetted Wings outstretched
Beak pointing
Towards the Mount
One feathered arm
Towards Marazion
And one to Newlyn
As though a sign post
Silent and still
From another world
Her black back to me
Illegally parked
On the sea front 

Kurt Jackson, October 2017 


Exhibition catalogue can be purchased here.


Kurt Jackson – Seacrows: Morvrini
May 26 – June 23 2018.
July 4 – August 18 2018.
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Kurt Jackson Paints on a Cornish Cliff.


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