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Kurt Jackson: Scorcher, Femi Kuti on the Pyramid stage, Glastonbury 2010.   mixed media on linen.   200 x 320cm.

Jackson Foundation Closed June 26th.

UPDATE: We will only be closed June 26th as two lovely members of staff are now available!

It’s that time of year again! The Jackson Foundation closed June 26-29 as the team head off to Somerset to assist Kurt Jackson in his role as Glastonbury Festival Artist-In-Residence.


Kurt will be drawing and painting on and off the stages at the festival wile we document the process and produce a film to accompany our 2020 exhibition, a Kurt Jackson Glastonbury Retrospective celebrating the 50th anniversaries of Glastonbury Festival and Greenpeace. More info on this to follow.


For an insight into Kurt Jackson’s work as festival artist please follow this link….