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On Saturday 15th July our opening hours are slightly different due to Lafrowda Day, the culmination of St Just’s annual festival of art and music.

On Saturday 15th July we will be open 10am to 12pm, 1pm – 3pm. 

The Jackson Foundation is the sponsor of the Midday Procession, a fantastic parade through the town featuring large processional Withy sculpture made from willow and paper, created by local groups and schools with the aid of local artists and volunteers. This parade begins at 12 noon, and as our children are taking part, we will be closing the gallery to watch and cheer our young folk on.

We will be closing earlier than usual (at 3pm rather than 5pm) so that the team can watch the 3pm procession and enjoy the rest of the day (we all have children in the 3pm procession too! From experience, most festival goers are fairly merry by 3pm anyway, so it is more prudent to close early than having to look after tipsy visitors 🙂.

But what is Lafrowda?

Lafrowda Festival is an annual event in St. Just in Penwith, in celebration of community arts.

The Lafrowda Festival is a registered charity whose objects are:

  • To advance education in art and culture in particular, but not exclusively, in the St Just in Penwith area.
  • To promote arts for the benefit of the public generally, and in particular for the inhabitants of St Just in Penwith, by promoting an annual festival of arts and music

The festival is funded by local authority grants, advertising and sponsorship, stallholder contributions, donations and street collections.

Regular fundraising events throughout the year include the February Film Fest, the May Fair in the Plain, the Christmas Ceilidh and the ever-popular Moving Meal. The Film Fest includes evening screenings every Saturday throughout February, and a matinee for children along with delicious home-made cakes and popcorn. The Ceilidh is a wonderful family event with live music and callers to teach you the dances, and the May Fair has traditional games, stalls and entertainment.

Lafrowda Day is held on the third Saturday of July, with free activities for all the family during the preceding fortnight, ranging from knit and natter to dancing shows. Lafrowda Day itself is full of live music, stalls and three fantastic community parades with withy sculptures and a torchlit procession. The Plain-An-Gwarry is a dedicated space for families during the day. Programmes are available in and around the town from early July.

Find out more about the Lafrowda Festival here…