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Sally Baldwin: Fragile Earth

Sally Baldwin

Fragile Earth

March 19 – August 13 2022

Fragile Earth is a body of work evoking natural forms such as trees, pods, flowers, insects, sea life and water.

The materials used – recycled paper, handmade paper, silk waste, silk, cotton scrim – are ghostly, white and ephemeral, suggesting delicate, fragile, finely balanced and vulnerable landscapes.


The work had its origins during the first lockdown when it felt as if the world as we knew it was collapsing – not only was the environment under extraordinary threat, with climate change and habitat loss demonstrated clearly all around us, but our society too was crumbling because of a rampaging virus.


“I started a project called ‘Disintegration/Things Fall Apart’ and was very pleased to be awarded Arts Council England funding to help in its development.


“Initially my idea was for the pieces to form a white and ghostly landscape, a reminder of what we once had but have now lost. However as the work progressed I decided a better name would be Fragile Earth as I felt it was more optimistic, and reflects my belief that we can still reverse this decline if we work together globally and locally to switch to a circular, carbon free economy, and to protect endangered habitats.” – Sally Baldwin


The pieces in the Fragile Earth collection reflect some of the issues involved in our current environmental crisis.

Sally Baldwin: Fragile Earth  – Solo Exhibition
March 19 – August 13 2022.
Jackson Foundation
North Row, St Just,
Cornwall, TR19 7LB.

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Jackson Foundation
North Row,
St Just,
TR19 7LB.

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