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Artist Denzil Forrester in his studio.

Denzil Forrester
From Trench Town to Porthtowan

May 26 – June 23. (Galleries 1-3.)

Career-spanning exhibition of immersive large-scale paintings exploring themes from sewing bags with his mother to the world of London’s dub reggae clubs curated by Peter Doig and Matthew Higgs.


Forrester is the Jackson Foundation’s first Invited Artist, chosen due to the unique nature of their work – it being interesting, honest art that demands an audience.


I first saw Denzil’s paintings at his Royal College of Art degree show in 1983. It was thrilling and unusual to see depictions of East London’s ‘Blues’ and Dub clubs and clubbers painted in those dynamic, large scale works. I was humbled and in awe of the ambition and realness of the vital, imposing canvases.


Denzil’s work stood out because it portrayed a world and scene that was scarcely pictured in the fine arts . . . one that was known to me through music and one that captured the impact that artists such as Linton Kwesi Johnson were having on the times.


Denzil’s series of paintings depicting the brutal murder of his family friend Winston Rose at the hands of the police were as powerful and poignant as any song or ballad being composed about these sadly not uncommon occurrences. But Denzil’s work felt as much connected to the world of painting and painters as it did to that of music: Max Beckmann, Edward Burra, Jorg Immendorf, Jah Shaka, Dennis Bovell and Prince Jazzbo I Roy; to name just a few.


Seeing Denzil’s work again and learning more about how it was made and what inspired him convinced me that a new generation of artists would be as excited to see it as I was.


I believe Denzil Forrester is one of the most important painters to come out of London in the early 80s and his work remains as vital and relevant today as it was then. This large exhibition at the Jackson Foundation, From Trench Town to Porthtowan, will showcase seminal early works as well as recent works painted in Denzil’s new home of Cornwall.


Peter Doig, 2018


Exhibition catalogue can be purchased here


Denzil Forrester: From Trench Town to Porthtowan
May 26 – June 23 2018.
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  • Night Shift. 2017.
    oil on canvas.
    167cm x 96cm.
  • End Game. 2003.
    oil on canvas.
    183cm x 122cm.
  • Stitch Up. 2017.
    oil on canvas.
    200cm x 244cm.
  • Adrift. 2015.
    charcoal and pastel on paper.
    95 x 70cm.
  • The Rose. 2014.
    pencil and charcoal on paper.
    95 x 70cm.
  • Wicked Willows. 1983.
    50 x 60cm. edition of 30.
  • Phoebes. 1983.
    50 x 60cm. edition of 50.
  • Orange Dub.1983.
    oil on paper.
    110cm x 83cm.
  • All Hands On Deck. 2003.
    oil on canvas.
    153cm x 183cm.
  • Death Walk. 1983.
    oil on paper .
    140cm x 102cm.
  • From Trench Town to Porthtowan. 2017.
    oil on canvas.
    128cm x 162cm.
  • Duppy Deh. 2018.
    oil on canvas.
    200cm x 304cm.
  • Sewing Mask. 2016.
    pencil and charcoal on paper.
    89 x 70cm.
  • Looking back. 1982.
    charcoal on paper.
    95 x 70cm.
  • Yellow Toast. 2003.
    oil on board.
    92cm x 122cm.
  • Denzil Forrester: Jah Shaka. 1983.
    Jah Shaka. 1983.
    oil on canvas.
    214cm x 274cm.
  • Moon. 1983.
    50 x 60cm. edition of 50.
  • Domino Hunters. 1985.
    oil on canvas.
    214cm x 367cm.
  • Blues. 1978.
    oil on board.
    92cm x 122cm.
  • St Just. 1979.
    oil on board.
    94cm x 63cm.
  • My Singer. 2017.
    oil on canvas.
    150cm x 120cm.
  • Broken Dreams. 2011.
    pastel on paper.
    95 x 70cm.
  • The stitch. 2015.
    pencil and charcoal on paper.
    95 x 70cm.
  • Toasters. 2005.
    oil on canvas.
    122cm x 142cm.


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