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Kurt Jackson Scilly Opening


Kurt JacksonScilly opened on August 31st to a crowd of about 300 visitors, making for a busy and enjoyable preview. Thank you to all who came, including local farmer Clive Williams, who treated the audience to an accapella rendition of the John Denver song ‘Today‘.


Jackson’s latest exhibition explores the quiet wildness of Scilly. The islands have been part of Kurt’s life for over 30 years, and he often visits to lay down his canvases on the wind buffeted shores in an attempt to capture their unique beauty.  Perched in the open ocean and battered by the elements, they remain a pristine refuge from the relentless pace of modern life.


Kurt Jackson: Scilly is open:
September 1st – October 27th 2018
December 21st 2018 – January 5th 2019
February 18th – 23rd 2019.
Please check here for seasonal opening times.