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Denzil Forrester: Jah Shaka. 1983.


Denzil Forrester is the Jackson Foundation’s first Invited Artist, chosen by the Jackson foundation because of the unique nature of their work – it being interesting, honest art that demands an audience.


I believe Denzil Forrester is one of the most important painters to come out of London in the early 80s and his work remains as vital and relevant today as it was then.The large exhibition at the Jackson Foundation, From Trench Town to Porthtowan, will showcase seminal early works as well as recent works painted in Denzil’s new home of Cornwall. 

Peter Doig, 2018


In this Career-spanning exhibition of immersive large-scale paintings curated by Peter Doig and Matthew Higgs, Forrester explores themes from sewing bags with his mother to the world of London’s dub reggae clubs.


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