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“Freedom Day”…What has changed? In short, nothing.

After hearing the concerns of our staff, the other business owners in St Just and their staff, it was immediately clear that no one was looking forward to “Freedom Day”.

Wanting to keep the indoor mask rule, but worried about possible abuse from the public and resistance to requests to wear them, it seemed that if we were all in unison on this issue, we should make it clear that as a town, and a business community we should speak up in one collective voice.

Gallery managers Fynn and Zinzi Tucker felt a duty of care to the staff and community to let visitors and locals alike know that we stand together in our wish, to politely but unambiguously request that you wear a mask in our businesses – and so the idea was born.

This poster can be seen across St Just and in the windows of almost every business. It stands as a show of solidarity to each other and the community and says “It isn’t about YOU, it is about US. Let’s look after each other. It should be our “personal choice” to care about each other’s health and wellbeing, even if it means wearing a mask for a few minutes when in the shop or a gallery when you’d rather not. When you are our guest, WE would like you to.”

Most businesses in St Just are independent, many family owned, and all are dependant on small teams. If one of that team falls ill or has to isolate, it impacts that business and will most likely result in that business closing for 10 days. In the interests of keeping shops and business open over the summer, please wear a mask!

Please share the poster, and if you’d like a copy, just let us know.

If you have a holiday let, please share this post and/or poster with your guests so that they know that St Just businesses expect and appreciate them wearing a mask!

Thank you!