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Greenpeace: 50 Years of Making Waves

March 21 – August 15 2020.

’50 Years of Making Waves’ was carefully curated by Greenpeace to be shown alongside Kurt Jackson’s 2020 exhibition Art Music Activism: Kurt Jackson, Glastonbury Festival and Greenpeace, which celebrates the 50th anniversaries of both Glastonbury and Greenpeace as well as sharing two-decades of Jackson’s work as festival artist-in-residence.

Kurt Jackson gives us a taste of 50 Years of Making Waves.

It all began in 1970, when James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and the late Phil Ochs staged a benefit concert in Canada that paid to fuel the boat which a year later headed towards the US nuclear testing site at Amchitka.

They may not have had the resources that Greenpeace has today, but their vision has remained constant throughout the organisation’s history. From its earliest days, Greenpeace has borne witness to environmental crime, and challenged those who fail to protect our planet.

The photos in this exhibition show defining moments in Greenpeace’s history. Greenpeace photos have played a pivotal role in pushing environmental issues high up on the daily news agenda.


In the year marking Greenpeace’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to bring you a selection of these images to show you more about what Greenpeace is, and what Greenpeace does.

Join us on a trip through time that will lead you from that group of protesters and environmentalists who set sail to take on a superpower, to Greenpeace’s campaigns and actions around the world today. Discover the many ordinary people who have chosen to do extraordinary things in order to save our planet.

Although this photo exhibition looks back at 50 years of Greenpeace, in the last 12 months, climate change and the destruction of nature have become impossible to ignore. Millions of people took to the streets as wildfires raged and heatwaves threatened lives – hitting many of the communities least responsible hardest. 2020 will kick-start a decade of change, so forests, oceans and the climate can be restored and renewed.

The latest science shows we have only 10 years to prevent runaway climate change; but real opportunities exist to stop the climate and nature emergency – and the solutions are right in front of us. Companies and governments need to stop their addiction to dirty fossil fuels. Switch to clean renewable energy and transport. Save and protect our forests and oceans.

It’s time to stand up for our planet like never before. We know from experience that together we can turn the tide on ‘business as usual’. If you are already a supporter – your support couldn’t be more valuable. If you would like to help us, then please visit our website to find out more about our work and how to join us.




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