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Previous Exhibitions

Work from these collections may still be available. Please contact info@kurtjackson.com for more information.


Kurt Jackson – Bees (and the Odd Wasp) in My Bonnet
Spring/Summer 2017.


A unique presentation of contemporary art and science at the Jackson Foundation.

Acknowledging the dangers faced by British bees, Kurt Jackson has spent the past few years exploring the world of pollinators, producing a collection of pieces that are also informed by his grounding in the sciences and his experience as a beekeeper in Cornwall.

Bees (and the odd wasp) in My Bonnet brings this body of work together and includes both plein air and studio pieces embracing an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, large canvases, print making, sculpture and film.

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Kurt Jackson – Obsession: Following the Surfer
Autumn/Winter 2016.


The eagerly awaited new main space of the Jackson Foundation gallery opened in September with the show Kurt Jackson: Obsession – Following The Surfer.

Obsession, a series of paintings, sculpture and ceramics, sees Jackson follow his studio assistant on surfing trips around the Cornish coast. Kurt Jackson’s work has always explored the connection between our environment and us; how we see, feel about and treat the world around us. We may live, work or even just play in the landscape but this link, this way of fitting in and using the world out there, gives us a connection – it molds us and changes us and sometimes in turn may change that world.

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Kurt Jackson – Place
Summer 2016.


By inviting 32 contributors, including the writers Robert Macfarlane and Richard Mabey, as well as scientists, poets, and even Michael Eavis (founder of Glastonbury Festival) to write a personal transcript of a place they felt a connection to, Jackson was able to gain an insight into how this eclectic mix of writers and thinkers view the British landscape. This created a unique opportunity for him to shift the location of his work away from the immediately personal, to places, environments and landscapes that generate a sense of attachment in others.

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Kurt Jackson – Wildlives
Winter 2015/Spring 2016.


Jackson has chosen to look again at zoology and make a body of work about fauna. Many of the subjects are the day to day animals he comes across – the birds, insects, fish but others have been sought out – looked for – the more unusual species.

This exhibition aims to celebrate the diversity of life around Jackson in his day to day life in Cornwall. The moth on the windowpane, the fish in the pond, the toad in the garden, the bird on the roof.

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Kurt Jackson – The Badger Project
Winter 2015/Spring 2016.


To accompany the exhibition Wildlives: Daily Encounters with the Animals of Cornwall, the Jackson Foundation used the upstairs gallery/charity-space to highlight the work of the Zoological Society of London and their community-led badger vaccination initiative here in Penwith; portraying the badgers and their habitat on Jackson’s home turf through a series of drawings, paintings and photographs.

The initiative aims to explore the use of badger vaccination as a promising solution to the spread of bovine TB in badgers. A solution that could prove beneficial for both Penwith’s farmers and our wildlife.

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Kurt Jackson – From Here
21 July – 3 October 2015.


The first exhibition at the Jackson Foundation in Kurt’s hometown of St Just, From Here represents the recent results of a very long meditation on the business of belonging.. It runs into the depths of individual identity, family and community and out over the topography of intimate landscapes where familiarity has bred not contempt but contentment – joy in the glory of the down-to-earth and everyday: happiness in home.

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