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Kurt Jackson – Revisiting Turner’s Tourism

Kurt Jackson – Revisiting Turner’s Tourism
March 24 – April 21, July 4 – August 18 2018.

Kurt Jackson walks in JMW Turner’s footsteps, revisiting Turner’s ‘picturesque’ South West locations creating his own work in response to Tuner’s approach and the contemporary lie of the land.

Turner was known to exhibit great artistic licence. Physical features were moved, skylines raised and lowered for the best composition. Whether a building was ignored, has since been obliterated or hidden by development is of interest to Jackson. Will Jackson discover an immense river depicted by Turner is now banked by concrete, denatured or just a small stream lost under 200 years of tree growth? Harbour walls and cliffs are exaggerated, wreckage spilled on beaches where tourists now spread their towels and sun cream.

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Pigeonholed Kurt Jackson for Prisoners of Conscience

Kurt Jackson for Prisoners of Conscience
March 24 – April 21 2018.

“Kurt Jackson has conceived a series of works that reveal aspects of experience of the prisoner of conscience – of solitude, of despair, of loneliness, but for the most part, of desire for and experience of peace and freedom, of being reunited with family and friends, of messages sent, whether actual or imagined, symbolised in pigeons and doves of peace. Together with the extraordinary written contributions in the special ‘catalogue’ these depictions create an expression that informs and delights but also disturbs and provokes.”

Catriona Jarvis – Chair of Trustees, Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund

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